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Utilization of solid-state NMR analysis of kraft lignins and lignin-based carbon fibres

Project goal

To utilize solid-state NMR  (CP/MAS 13C NMR spectroscopy) spectroscopy for analyzing kraft lignins and if possible also lignin-based carbon fibres


During kraft pulping the lignin is to a large extent dissolved into the cooking liquor. Today this so-called kraft lignin is considered a highly interesting raw material for development of bio-based chemicals and materials, for example carbon fibres. Depending on the type and function of material, different chemical and physical properties are required from the lignin starting material. Also the processing parameters must be adjusted depending on the properites of the staring material and the desired properties of the resulting product. This, in turn, requires analytical techniques to characterize the properties of both the starting material and the resulting products.                                    

There are many analytical techniques available for analysis of isolated and dissolved lignins. Analytical methods for analyzing the properties of lignin in-situ, in solid state are more scarce. One possible approach to studying the structure of solid state materials is solid-state NMR spectroscopy, a method frequently used for example to characterize the supramolecular structure of cellulose-based materials.

In this work the application of solid state NMR on lignin and carbon fibre materials will be investigated. The influence of different method parameters on the results from solid-state NMR on selected softwood and hardwood lignin samples will be studied, and an optimized method will be suggested. 


Brief literature study.
Optimization of NMR system parameters.
Definition of an optimized method.
Application on a few lignin samples.
Report writing 
Project presentations 


Jasna Stevanic Srndovic, RISE;, 08-676 72 25
Anna Jacobs, RISE;, 08-676 71 52


Jasna Stevanic-Srndovic
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