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Structure – property relationship of technical lignins

Project goal

To investigate the influence of chemical and molecular structure on the thermal properties of lignins.


Wood consists of about 30% lignin. During kraft pulping the lignin is to a large extent dissolved into the cooking liquor. Today this so-called kraft lignin is considered a highly interesting raw material for development of bio-based materials and chemicals. Depending on the type and function of material, different physical properties are required from the lignin starting material. However, technical lignins are very complex and the isolation of lignin from the cooking liquor yields a material with a broad range of structural properties, such as molar mass and functional groups. The relationship between these properties and the physical properties required for different applications is not yet fully understood. The aim of the present project is therefore to study the influence of molar mass and chemical structure independently, and thereby gaining a deeper knowledge about the Structure – property relationship of technical lignins. 


Brief literature study
Isolation and separation of lignin fractions with well-defined, narrow-polydisperse molar mass
Characterization by NMR and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)
Report writing 
Project presentations 


Sofia Regnell Andersson, RISE Bioeconomy;, 08-676 71 60
Anna Jacobs, RISE Bioeconomy;, 08-676 71 52


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