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Moisture induced creep behaviour- an unwanted material property

The pulp and paper industry plays a vital role in the development of the circular bioeconomy.

Today many efforts and activities are aiming at exploring new product opportunities from the forest besides timber and paper. Despite the large variety in end-product the inherited material properties is to a large extent the same. For all applications the moisture sensitivity of the wood derived, cellulosic material is critical in extending the use of it and therefore increase its utilisation.

With regard to moisture sensitivity the most critical property is the mechano-sorptive creep. Mechano-sorptive creep which means that the material property during load changes dramatically when the moisture in fluctuating leads to large losses in the packing industry and the need in the use of wood to over-dimension constructions. The hypothesis is that the creep behaviour is solely due to the cellulose component in the material. The goal with this master thesis is to confirm or to reject the hypothesis by performing trials in an experimental set up using a DMA (Dynamic Mechanical Analysis) and moisture chambers.

The work includes:

  • Literature survey
  • Planning of experiments
  • Produce the start material
  • Perform experimental trials in the DMA-set up.
  • Evaluate data
  • Writing a report and having an oral presentation of the results 

For more information contact Marie Bäckström or Lennart Salmén.


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