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Develop new cellulosic materials from kraft pulps by process modifications

The pulp and paper industry plays a vital role in the development of the circular bioeconomy. Today many efforts and activities are aiming at exploring new product opportunities from the forest besides timber and paper.

Traditional pulping and bleaching gives pulp materials with known properties.  The materials are used as raw material for papermaking in the production of printing papers, packaging materials and tissue. During kraft pulping, large amounts of black liquors, containing dissolved wood components, are also produced which are re-used as energy source in the mill. The black liquor is also explored for new product opportunities in the development of circular bioeconomy.

However, the wood fibres can provide other materials than timber or fibres for paper. In this master thesis the goal will be to explore what material and material properties can be achieved by modifications in the kraft pulp bleaching process in an innovative way. The dissolution ability of cellulosic pulp fibres and regeneration of cellulosic material are important characteristics and depends largely on the degree of polymerisation of the cellulosic chains. The degree of polymerisation can be influenced in the bleaching process stages. This material may find alternative usage for instance aerogels, carbon fibres, composites etc.

The work includes:

  • Literature survey 
  • Planning of experiments including start material
  • Perform bleaching experiments
  • Analyses of the filtrates and of the pulp materials
  • Evaluate and produce material demonstrators
  • Writing a report and having an oral presentation of the results 

For more information contact Marie Bäckström or Elisabeth Bergnor.


Marie Bäckström
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Elisabeth Bergnor
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