Innventia, SP och Swedish ICT har gått samman i RISE för att bli en starkare forsknings- och innovationspartner för näringsliv och samhälle.
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Many years of research lie behind the Parupu children's chair, which was launched in 2009 at the Milan Furniture Fair. The material used in the chair was developed within Innventia's Cluster Research Programme.

The paper pulp chair is made from a brand new composite material, based solely on paper pulp and polylactic acid (PLA), a biodegradable plastic made from maize starch or sugar. This renewal material has been developed within Innventia's New Fibres New Materials research cluster, and is expected to have applications in many areas, such as the furniture, automotive, packaging and construction industries.

In order to demonstrate the possibilities of the new material, a demonstrator was produced in 2007 – see The Kofes in the links to the right. The next step was to develop a true full-scale product. The development of this demonstrator product – the paper pulp chair – took place within a joint project between Innventia, Södra and design agency Claesson Koivisto Rune, with support from Vinnova.

Parupu children's chair

"The paper pulp chair is an excellent example of how Innventia works as a partner in its customers' innovation processes," explains Helena Vollmer, Marketing Director at Innventia. "It also demonstrates the advantages of joint research and how this can result in new, innovative products and processes."

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