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Selected Publications - Consumer insight

Jonsson, O., Lindberg, S., Roos, A., Hugosson, M. & Lindström, M. (2008). Consumer perceptions and preferences on solid wood, wood-based panels and composites – A repertory grid study. Wood and Fiber Science 40(4):663-678..

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Coppel, L., Norberg, O. and Lindberg, S. Paper Whiteness and its effect on perceived image quality. Paperpresented at CGIV2010/MCS10 the Fifth European Conference on Colour in Graphics, Imaging. June 14-18, 2010, Joensuu, Finland

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Lindberg, S. and Kihlstedt, A. (2008). Analysis of tactual perception of paper and board material. Presented at Materials & Ssensations 2008, PAU (FRANCE), OCT. 22–24


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