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The textile waste material refinery

The proposal for The Bioeconomy Research Programme 2018–2020 consists of a number of programme areas containing a variety of research topics. The programme areas each address mutual questions and opportunities of great interest to a consortium of RISE customers. All programme areas are planned for three years.

In most communities globally, the waste handling of textiles is left behind although the interest in circular economy generates increased attention to this issue. The need for textile recycling options is also linked to new business cases for the textile-, recycling- and forest industries. The major task is to review the best recycling routes for, primarily cellulosic, textile waste based on a material refinery view. We will also assess and enable the potential of integrating the used textile fractions with existing recycling sectors; in particular the sectors of plastics and paper/packaging. The new products derived from this so-called material refinery should be of the same quality as virgin material and based on the most resource-efficient routes from the best available technical records, life cycle and cost assessments.


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