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Process analysis and product variability in papermaking

The proposal for The Bioeconomy Research Programme 2018–2020 consists of a number of programme areas containing a variety of research topics. The programme areas each address mutual questions and opportunities of great interest to a consortium of RISE customers. All programme areas are planned for three years.

Paper and board makers need to deliver aconsistent product quality. Competitivenessalso requires maximum machine efficiencywith minimum production losses due tounwanted interruptions and grade changes.Tools will be developed that allow the entireproduction to be monitored online. Combinedwith advanced analysis methods andverification studies, these tools will provide abetter understanding of the root causes forprocess and product variability, and how theycan be reduced and controlled. This increaseddigitalisation of the production process and thequality control will improve productuniformity, process efficiency, and rawmaterial utilisation.