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Our assignment

ISO standard methods

Measuring optical properties of paper in accordance with ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) includes calibration with specific pads of paper, reference standards from an Authorized Laboratory. The following ISO methods concerning optical measurements on paper have been published by ISO Technical Committee 6 so far: ISO 2469 – Reflectance factor, ISO 2470-1 – ISO Brightness (illuminant C), ISO 2470-2 – D65 Brightness (illuminant D65), ISO 2471 – Opacity, ISO 5631 – Colour (C/2°), ISO 9416 – Light scattering and absorption coefficients, ISO 11475 – CIE whiteness and ISO 11476 – Indoor whiteness, ISO 22754 – Effective residual ink concentration (ERIC). The methods can be purchased from your national ISO member.

ISO calibration chain

ISO has established a hierarchy of calibration, in which there are three kinds of laboratories – Standardizing Laboratories, Authorized Laboratories and Testing Laboratories. The Standardizing Laboratories calibrate their instruments in relation to the abstract concept of the perfect reflecting diffuser, also called IR1. The standards calibrated at the Standardizing Laboratories are called IR2 standards. IR2 standards are used by the Authorized Laboratories to calibrate their instruments. At Innventia we use IR2 standards from the National Research Council (NRC) in Ottawa. The standards issued by the Authorized Laboratories are thus called IR3 standards and are used by the Testing Laboratories to calibrate their instruments.

Authorization and accreditation

The Optical Calibration Laboratory is authorized by ISO/TC6 to maintain optical reference instruments in accordance with ISO 4094 and to issue non-fluorescent reference standards (IR3) in accordance with ISO 2469 and ISO 22754. We are also authorized to issue fluorescent IR3 standards for adjustment of the UV-content of the illumination in the instrument in accordance with ISO 2470-1 and ISO 11475. Click on the link to see our Authorization Certificate. In addition, we are accredited by the Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment (SWEDAC) in accordance with EN ISO 17025; see our accreditation certificate.