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The MODULIT project aims at demonstrating monolithically integrated energy storage modules, by which here is meant that materials for serially connected storage cells are manufactured on the same substrate as leads and the circuits for protecting and balancing the charge levels of the cells. The overbearing aim is to lower the cost of integrating electrochemical energy storage cells.

MODULIT, which continues until the end of 2017, also aims at demonstrating scalability of the components.The project partners have skills needed to achieve the project goals, in printed electronics, simulation of printed components, graphene electrode manufacturing, cellulose chemistry, manufacturing of materials, printing substrates and sealing materials.

The MODULIT project is financed by The Swedish Energy Agency, has a budget of 16 MKR for 4 years. Project Partners are Acreo Swedish ICT AB, coordinating, Linköping University, Mid Sweden University, Innventia AB, Royal Institute of Technology, SICS East Swedish ICT AB.


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