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MISTRA TerraClean

The need to more effectively clean air, water or land from pollutants is increasing. The goal of the Mistra TerraClean research programme is to develop materials with the ability to communicate with users in order to achieve an even and efficient treatment. This invloves both developing existing technology and developing new smarter materials.

In the Mistra-funded TerraClean research programme, scientists collaborate from a variety of areas to create cheap, sustainable, safe and smart materials for integrated filter systems to interactively clean air and water from environmentally hazardous substances. 

RISE Bioeconomy participates in several areas of the programme. Our participation is based, among other things, on previously successful results from the Power Papers and Modulit projects in which the use of functional nanocellulose has played a crucial role in the development.

One of the areas involves using aerogels for producing wet stable porous filters. RISE Bieconomy has together with KTH Royal Institute of Technology developed a new process for making wet-stable aerogels, i.e. they are not dissolved in water. The aerogels have a structure that allows it to be decorated on the inside and thus we have thought of integrating chemistry, electronics and optics.

In addition to aerogels, RISE Bioeconomy will also, together with RISE ICT, develop zinc oxide paper for water and air purification. The work is based on earlier successful attempts at RISE pilot paper machine FEX. When a paper containing zinc oxide is exposed to UV light it becomes conductive. This means that the electronic properties of the paper are interactive and can be controlled with a UV lamp. By getting the sunlight to illuminate the zinc oxide near the particles we could get the paper to act as a photocatalytic cleaner.


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