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Press material: Innventia Global Outlook 2016: A Cellulose-Based Society

This is Innventia’s third Global Outlook in a series of forward-looking reports that have gained a lot of international attention in recent years. The two previous reports focused on the future of packaging in “Packaging 2020” (2013) and the future of papermaking in “Papermaking Towards the Future” (2014).

This time the theme is somewhat broader. With its report “A Cellulose-Based Society”, Innventia focuses on the conditions for a vital social transformation – from a fossil-based and linear society where products are produced, used and then thrown away, to a biobased and circular society where “waste” as we think of it today will not exist and where all material will find a new use once it has served its initial purpose. 

A Cellulose-Based Society highlights the conditions for any such transformation through the results of a comprehensive international survey, trends affecting development in key areas, and future scenarios that describe various outcomes based on an analysis of crucial uncertainties. The report has been produced by a project team from Innventia in cooperation with Kairos Future.

The report touches on the understanding that we live in a world where the ability to demonstrate ideas and concepts in reality is the route to sustainable social transformation.

“The consumer survey and trends show overall that the really successful brands and organisations will be those with the ability to actually demonstrate ground-breaking ideas and concepts in reality for consumers. The attitude to what is possible and desirable will then change. We call this the Demonstration Economy and understanding this is the key to social transformation,” says Marco Lucisano, Innventia.

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