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Econsumers: Econscious and Econfused

Fredrik Aldaeus, you are one of the experts in the project “A Cellulose-Based Society”. Can you explain what the trend “Econsumers: Econscious and Econfused” is about?
A growing number of consumers claim that they are willing to pay extra for eco-friendly products, and they praise sustainable and ethically strong brands. But the question of what is good, green and sustainable is a complex one, and there is still a lot of confusion about how to make good choices. So clear guidance on how to “do the right thing” is still much in need in a world full of eco-friendly choices…

What factors led to the result of this trend?
Fredrik AldaeusWe started out by asking ourselves what the “tree huggers” of today look like. Today, they are not out in the streets shouting. Rather, they are trying to make environmental concern into a part of their consuming behaviour. This will become a part of their “personal brand”, and they want their eco-friendliness to be seen.  

What impacts can we expect from this trend?
We believe that there is a lot to be done to guide the conscious but confused consumers, for instance using informative labelling. When we discuss this trend, we may start by asking ourselves the question: “What would I need to consume more eco-friendly?”


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