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Cluster Research Programme 2012-2014

The Cluster Research Programme is the core of Innventia's operations. Many pioneering processes and products within the forest industry have their origins in this programme. The programme runs in three-year cycles, and currently consists of 13 clusters.

In a research cluster, different companies work together to research shared problems and issues. This could involve improving the energy efficiency of the dewatering process in papermaking, for example, or how to extract renewable chemicals and materials from residual products in pulp production.

The participating companies then take the results from the cluster and develop them for their own use, either with Innventia's help or on their own. By working together on strategically important issues, there are also excellent opportunities for obtaining public financing to shift the industry's investments up a gear.

The structure of the programme

The research areas within the cluster programme are selected with great care. The fundamental idea is that a cluster should contain research and development in an area that comes before the implementation phase or actual product development.

The clusters often contain research and development in order to obtain new knowledge or to combine existing knowledge with new technical solutions to resolve problems or provide new opportunities for making processes more efficient. They can also involve developing demonstrators for different strategically important concepts, such as new products, materials or chemicals, or factory trials for testing or verifying key laboratory results. But there are limits to the clusters' operations. Implementation and product development take place outside the programme. Individual participants within the research programme often continue bilaterally and use experts from Innventia to help them in the implementation phase.

Intellectual property rights (IPR)

Investing in high-risk projects is considerably more appealing if there are many parties involved in the investment, but it also requires a carefully developed policy on intellectual property rights (IPR) issues. Innventia works with these issues continually so that our customer companies can feel confident that we are doing all we can to optimise the chances of profitable investment.

In our research programme, the parties get direct access to the innovations that are relevant to each cluster, and they will have the opportunity for direct ownership within each patent application. The aim is to give the customer companies participating in each cluster the best possible patent protection.

Find out more about our IPR strategy here.