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Innventia's patent policy in short

In recent years, intellectual property rights (IPR) management has become increasingly important, both for industrial companies and for research institutes and universities. Intellectual property protection can take the form of patents, but can also consist of confidentiality, designs, trademarks, publications or copyrights.

When Innventia applies for patents, this is done to protect or increase the value of inventions that have either been created by Innventia's employees or acquired by Innventia in some other way, such as in cooperation with universities and university colleges, EU projects, companies or individual inventors.

The aim is to create added value in the best way, within and for those activities described by the articles of association, in order thereby to be able to give our customers the greatest possible benefit from Innventia's work.

To protect ideas

Patents are used to protect ideas and fields in which Innventia carries out – or may carry out – research and development. These ideas can then form the basis for projects with one or more participating companies. Innventia does not aim to be an owner of technology or to hold a large portfolio of patents.

These ideas are commercialised by Innventia in exceptional cases, and are subsequently transferred to companies in the form of technology packages or possibly spin-off companies.

About background knowledge

The proprietary rights to Innventia's background knowledge remain with Innventia.

In individual cases, Innventia negotiates with those companies that want the right to use Innventia's background knowledge in the form of patent rights, licences or know-how, for example when this is required in order for a company to be able to use the results from a commission. Licences are then issued in accordance with market terms, and are normally non-exclusive.

Innventia strives to ensure that all generated knowledge is of commercial benefit.

Different policy for different operations

IPR management varies between Innventia's various operations:

In a multi-client commission, such as the research programme, participating companies can choose to co-own a patent if this is applied for during the agreement period. Results for which a patent is not applied for during the agreement period remain the property of Innventia, but with one non-exclusive licence for the companies that participated in the project to use the results in their operations and in those of their group companies.

In a single-client commission, the results are normally owned by the client.
For individual research projects that are part-financed using public money, ownership of the results is governed in accordance with the negotiated contract model, usually in line with the recommendation of the financial backer.