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Packaging Audit

Packaging Audit combines the right skills and measurement tools based on customer needs for cost reduction, user experience or legal requirements. The aim is to help companies to optimise their packaging and processes throughout the packaging value chain.

For many companies, it may be difficult to identify exactly what elements of the packaging value chain need to be improved for a problem to be solved or to generate new profits. What does the introduction of new laws and regulations mean for my packaging line? Could a new design or a new approach improve efficiency? Or do I simply make changes to the product in order to facilitate smarter packaging choices? To help companies find answers to such questions and focus on the right issues, Innventia has introduced something called Packaging Audit.

Packaging Audit is an analysis of the different parts of a company’s packaging value chain where we work with the customer to find the best packaging solution that works throughout the value chain, reduces waste in the chain’s various parts, minimises environmental impact and is also well received by users. 

Sustainability aspects

RISE Bioeconomy offers the service with various focuses. Incentives for carrying out a Packaging Audit may include, for example:

  • cost savings
  • environmental aspects
  • enhanced user experience
  • new laws and regulations
  • development of new products and packaging


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