The RISE institutes Innventia, SP and Swedish ICT have merged in order to become a stronger research and innovation partner for businesses and society.
During 2017 will be one of several websites within RISE. Please visit for more information about RISE.


Paperbase International is a joint venture combining expertise and experience from leading pulp and paper institutes: CTP (France) and Innventia (Sweden).

Paperbase carries out international monitoring of the latest research, including technical and business information from around the world. 300 international technical and scientific journals – as well as the major European and North American conference submissions – are reviewed regularly, and relevant articles and submissions are selected. This guarantees that the database is updated every week.

Paperbase includes information from all aspects of the fibre, pulp and paper industries, from raw materials to end-products, including recycling, biorefinery, bioenergy and other environmental issues, company news, market information and statistics. See the full subject list here.

Comprehensive, topical, expert-reviewed information

  • More than 270,000 items covering the latest technical, research and business information
  • International monitoring since 1975
  • Fast and simple availability
  • A clearly focused database produced by experts from the leading pulp and paper institutes

Paperbase in different formats

The contents of Paperbase can be accessed in a number of ways:

  • You can subscribe to the entire database
  • You can subscribe to one or more alerts, which will be e-mailed to you each month

If you are interested and would like to evaluate Paperbase, you can register for access to a demo version of the database.

To find out more, please contact the library or visit Paperbase’s website.


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