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This is a list of selected publications from Innventia. The links will take you to the publisher's web site. If you don't have access to the journal, please contact the library for help.

Contribution of lignin to the strength properties in wood fibres studied by dynamic FTIR spectroscopy and dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA)
Salmén Lennart; Srndovic Jasna S; Olsson Anne-Mari
Holzforschung vol. 70, no. 12, pp 1155-1163

Innovative gliadin/glutenin and modified potato starch green composites : chemistry, structure, and functionality induced by processing
Muneer Faraz; Andersson Mariette; Koch Kristine; Hedenqvist Mikael S; Gällstedt Mikael; Plivelic Tomas S; Menzel Carolin; Rhazi Larbi; Kuktaite Ramune
ACS Sustainable Chemistry and engineering vol. 4, 2016, pp 6332-6243

Macro- and mesoporous nanocellulose beads for use in energy storage devices
Erlandsson Johan; Lopez Duran Veronica; Granberg Hjalmar; Sandberg Mats; Larsson Per A; Wågberg Lars
Applied materials today vol. 5, 2016, pp 246-254

Photoconductive zinc oxide-composite paper by pilot paper machine manufacturing
Sandberg Magnus; Tordera Daniel; Granberg Hjalmar; Sawatdee Anurak; Dedic Dina; Berggren Magnus; Jonsson Magnus P
Flexible and printed electronics vol. 1, 2016, 044003

Genetic analysis of fiber dimensions and their correlation with stem diameter and solid-wood properties in Norway spruce
Chen Z-Q; Karlsson Bo; Mörling Tommy; Olsson Lars; Mellerowicz Ewa J; Wu Harry X; Lundqvist Sven-Olof; Rosario Garcia Gil Maria
Tree genetics and genomes (2016) no. 12, 123

Non-exchanging hydroxyl groups on the surface of cellulose fibrils : the role of interaction with water
Lindh Erik; Bergenstråhle-Wohlert Malin; Terenzi Camilla; Salmén Lennart; Furo Istvan
Carbohydrate research vol. 434, 2016, pp 136–142

Recycled fibre : fractionation and upgrading of fractions
Bjärestrand Annika; Vomhoff Hannes
Innventia report 793

Evaluation of multispectral analysis for online application in board making : results from a project in the Stategic Innovation program Process Industrial IT and Automation
Östlund Catherine; Grahn Thomas
Innventia report 792

Analytical methods for determination of molecular solubility of cellulose I and II : brief summary of a literature study
Srndovic Jasna S; Aldaeus Fredrik
Innventia report 771

A comparative study of magnetic resonance imaging, electrical impedance tomography and ultrasonic doppler velocimetry for semi-dilute fibre flow suspension characterisation
Faia P M; Krochak Paul; Costa H; Lundell F; Silva R; Garcia F A P; Rasteiro M G
International journal of computational methods and experimental measurements vol. 4, no. 2, 2016, pp 165-175

Fast and reliable quantification of lignin reactivity via reaction with dimethylamine and formaldehyde (Mannich reaction)
Wang Miao; Sjöholm Elisabeth; Li Jiebing
Holzforschung 2016 aop

Development of lignin carbon fibers: evaluation of the carbonization process
Kleinhans Henrik; Salmén Lennart
Journal of Applied Polymer Science vol. 133, 2016, no. 38, pp 43965-

Interface tailoring through covalent hydroxyl-epoxy bonds improves hygromechanical stability in nanocellulose materials
Ansari Farhan; Lindh Erik L; Furo Istvan; Johansson Mats K G; Berglund Lars A
Composites science and technology vol. 134, 2016, pp 175-183

Method for accurate fiber length determination from increment cores for large-scale population analyses in Norway spruce
Chen Zhi-Qiang; Abramowicz Konrad; Raczkowski Rafal; Ganea Stefana; Wy Harry X; Lundqvist Sven-Olof; Mörling Tommy; Sjöstedt de Luna Sara; Garcia Gil Maria Rosario; Mellerowicz Ewa J
Holzforschung vol. 70, 2016, no. 9, pp 829-838

Flow imaging characterisation of morphological changes of chemical pulp due to refining
Hyll Kari; Björk Elisabeth; Vomhoff Hannes
Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal vol. 31, no. 3, pp 411-421

Comparison and analysis of in-plane compression and bending failure in paperboard
Nygårds Mikael; Sundström Jonas
Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal vol. 31, no. 3, pp 432-440

On the nature of joint strength of paper : effect of dry strength agents : revisiting the Page equationx
Lindström Tom; Fellers Christer; Ankerfors Mikael; Glad Nordmark Gunborg
Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal vol. 31, no. 3, pp 459-468

On the mechanical and chemical factors governing retention and formation of a fine paper stock : the case of headbox elongational shear 
Lindström Tom , Swerin Agne 
J-For  Journal of science and technology for forest products and processes, vol. 5, no. 4, pp 30-37

The effect of high solids loading in ethanol production integrated with a pulp mill 
Svensson Elin, Lundberg Valeria,  Jansson Mikael,  Xiros Charilaos,  Berntsson Thore  Chemical engineering research and design, vol. 111, pp 387-402 

Pilot-scale papermaking using layer-by-layer treated fibres; comparison between the effects of beating and of sequential addition of polymeric additives 
Marais Andrew,  Enarsson Lars-Erik,  Pettersson Gunilla,  Lindström Tom,  Wågberg LarsNordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal , vol. 31, no. 2, pp 308-314 

Flexible lamination-fabricated ultra-high frequency diodes based on self-supporting semiconducting composite film of silicon micro-  particles and nano-fibrillated cellulose 
Sani Negar,  Wang Xin,  Granberg Hjalmar,  Andersson Ersman Peter,  Crispin Xavier,  Dyreklev Peter,  Engquist Isak,  Gustafsson Göran,  Berggren Magnus  
Scientific reports , 6, article number: 28921 (2016)

Softwood-based sponge gels 
Alakalhunmaa Suvi,  Parikka Kirsti,  Penttilä Paavo A,  Cuberes Teresa M,  Willför Stefan,  Salmén Lennart,  Mikkonen Kirsi

Enhancing the properties of carboxymethylated nanofibrillated cellulose by inclusion of water in the pre-treatment process 
Naderi Ali,  Erlandsson Johan,  Sundström Jonas,  Lindström Tom   
Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal, vol. 31, no. 3, pp  372-378 

A comparative study of the properties of three different nanofibrillated cellulose systems that have been produced at about the same energy consumption levels in the mechanical delamination step
Naderi Ali,  Lindström Tom,  Erlandsson Johan,  Sundström Jonas,  Flodberg Göran Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal , vol. 31, no. 3, pp 364-371 

A comparative study of the rheological properties of three different nanofibrillated cellulose systems
Naderi Ali,  Lindström Tom
Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal , vol. 31, no. 3, pp 354-363 

Monitoring nanostructure dynamics and polymerization in glycerol plasticized wheat gliadin and glutenin films: relation to mechanical properties 
Kuktaite Ramune,  Newson William R,  Rasheed Faiza,  Plivelic Tomas S,  Hedenqvist Mikael S,  Gällstedt Mikael, Johansson Eva
ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering , vol. 4, no. 6, pp 2998-3007 

The use of plants a a "green factory" to produce high strength gluten-based materials
Rasheed F, Kuktaite R, Hedenqvist M S, Gällstedt Mikael, Plivelic T S, Johansson E
Green chemistry, vol. 18, 2016, pp 2782-2792

Experimental and theoretical analysis of in-plane cohesive testing of paperboard
Tryding J, Marin G, Nygårds Mikael, Mäkelä P, Ferrari, Giulio
International journal of damage mechanics, 2016, 24 pp

Lignin as a binder material for eco-friendly li-ion batteries
Lu H, Cornell A, Alvarado Fernando, Behm M, Leijonmarck S, Li Jiebing, Tomani Per, Lindbergh G
Materials vol. 9, no. 3, 2016, 17pp

Atmospheric plasma assisted PLA/microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) multilayer biocomposite for sustainable barrier application
Mercier C, Minelli M, De Angelis M G, Baschetti M G, Stancampiano A, Laurita R, Gherardi M, Colombo V, Trifol J, Szabo P, Lindström Tom
Industrial crops and propducts, 2016

Detailed analysis of the UV-adjustment techniques used in paper and graphic industries
Yang Li
Color research and application, 2016

Visualization of structural changes in cellulosic substrates during enzymatic hydrolysis using multimodal nonlinear microscopy
Peciulyte Ausra, Kiskis, Juris, Larsson Per Tomas, Olsson Lisbeth, Enejder Annika
Cellulose vol. 23, 2016, pp 1521-1536

Moisture adsorption of glucomannan and xylan hemicelluloses
Kulasinksik Karol, Salmén Lennart, Derome Dominique, Carmeliet Jan
Cellulose vol 23, 2016, pp 1629-1627

Influence of chip presteaming conditions on kraft pulp composition and properties
Bäckström Marie, Jensen Anna, Brännvall Elisabet 
Holzforschung vol. 70, no. 5, 2016, pp 393-399

Mechanical performance and architecture of biocomposite honeycombs and foams from core-shell holocellulose nanofibers
Prakobna Kasinee, Berthod Fredrik, Medina Lilian, Berglund Lars A
Composites Part A, vol 88, 2016, pp 116-122

Validating dilute settling suspensions numerical data through MRI, UVP and EIT measurements
Silva R, Garcia F A P, Faia P M, Krochak Paul, Söderberg Daniel, Lundell Fredrik, Rasteiro M G
Flow measurement and instrumentation vol 50, 2016, pp 35-48

Improved impregnation efficiency and pulp yield of softwood kraft pulp by high effective alkali charge in the impregnation stage
Brännvall Elisabet, Bäckström Marie
Holzforschung 2016

Standards for optimizing corrugated board packaging for exporting industry : a feasibility study
Trost Thomas, Alfthan Johan
Innventia report 730

Multilayer assembly onto pulp fibres using oppositely charged microfibrillated celluloses, starches, and wet-strength resins : effect on mechanical properties of CTMP-sheets
Ankerfors Mikael, Lindström Tom, Glad Nordmark Gunnel
Nordic pulp and paper research journal vol. 31, 2016, no. 1, pp 135-141

Short compression testing of multi-ply paperboard, influence from shear strength
Hagman Anton, Nygårds Mikael
Nordic pulp and paper research journal vol. 31, 2016, no. 1, pp 123-134

Investigation of interfibre joint failure and how to tailor their properties for paper strength
Magnusson Mikael S
Nordic pulp and paper research journal vol. 31, 2016, no. 1, pp 109-122

Phosphorylated nanofibrillated cellulose: production and properties
Naderi Ali, Lindström Tom, Weise Christoph, Flodberg Göran, Junel Kristina, Erlandsson Johan, Runebjörk AnneMarie
Nordic pulp and paper research journal vol. 31, 2016, no. 1, pp 20-27

Variation in physical and mechanical properties from three drought tolerant Eucalyptus species grown on the dry west coast of Southern Africa
Wessels C B, Crafford P L Du Toit B, Grahn Thomas,Johansson M, Lundqvist Sven-Olof, Säll H, Seifert T
Eur J Wood Prod. 2016

Flexible transparent conductive films combining flexographic printed silver grids with CNT coating
Mo L, Ran J, Yang L, Fang Y, Shai Q, Li L
Nanotechnology vol. 27, 2016, no. 6

Physical properties of cellulosic materials related to moisture changes
Salmén Lennart, Olsson Anne-Mari
Wood Sci. Technol. vol. 50, 2016, pp 81-89

Thermoelectric polymers and their elastic aerogel
Kahn Zia Ullah, Edberg Jesper, Hamedi Mahiar Max, Gabrielsson Roger, Granberg Hjalmar, Wågberg Lars, Engquist Isak, Berggren Magnus, Crispin Xavier
Advanced materials 2016

Cellulose for biochemical conversion : pre-treatments for enzymatically reactive cellulose fibres from wheat straw : Chalmers energy initiative
Larsson Per Tomas, Norberg Lars, Anadolyan Shant, Stevanic Srndovic Jasna, Aldaeus Fredrik, Larsson Karolina
Innventia report 738

Optical methods for fines and filler size characterization : evaluation and comparison
Kari Hyll; Farnaz Farahani; Lars Mattsson
Innventia report 717 


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