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Published 23/04/2015
This is a list of selected publications from Innventia. The links will take you to the publisher's web site. If you don't have access to the journal, please contact the library for help.

Biomass equations for selected drought-tolerant eucalyptus in South Africa
Phiri Darius, Ackerman Pierre, Wessels Brand, du Toit Ben, Johansson Marie, Säll Harald, Lundqvist Sven-Olof, Seifert Thomas
Southern forests vol. 77, 2015, no. 4, pp 255-262

Commercial potato protein concentrate as a novel source for  thermoformed bio-based plastic films with unusual polymerisation and tensile properties
Newson William R, Rasheed Faiza, Kuktaite Ramune, Hedenqvist Mikael S, Gällstedt Mikael, Plivelic Tomas S, Johansson Eva
RSC advances 2015, no. 5, pp 32217-32226

Ink adhesion failure during full scale offset printing : causes and impact on print mottle
Kamal Alm Hajer, Ström Göran, Schoelkopf Joachim, Ridgway Cathy, Gane Patrick A C
Journal of print and media technology research vol. 4, 2015, no.4, pp 257-287

Ink-lift-off during offset printing: a novel mechanism behind  ink–paper coating adhesion failure
Kamal Alm Hajer, Ström Göran, Schoelkopf Joachim, Gane Patrick
Journal of adhesion science and technology vol. 29, 2015, no. 5, pp 370-391

Measuring stiffness using acoustic tool for Scots pine breeding selection
Hong Zhou, Fries Anders, Lundqvist Sven-Olof, Andersson Gull Bengt, Wu Harry X
Scandinavian journal of forest research vol. 30, 2015, no. 4, pp 363-372

Techno-economic assessment of anaerobic digestion in a typical kraft pulp mill to produce biomethane for the road transport sector
Larsson Mårten, Jansson Mikael, Grönkvist Stefan, Alvfors Per
Journal of cleaner production vol. 104, 2015, pp 460-467

Unusual effects of monocarboxylic acids on the structure and on the transport and mechanical properties of chitosan films
Cehn Fei, Gällstedt Mikael, Olsson Richard T, Gedde Ulf W, Hedenqvist Mikael S
Carbohydr. Polym. vol. 132, 2015, pp 419-429

An organic mixed ion-electron conductor for power electronics
Malti Abdellah, Edberg Jesper, Granberg Hjalmar, Ullah Khan Zia, Andreasen Jens W, Liu Xianjie, Zhao Dan, Zhang Hao, Yao Yulong, Brill Joseph W, Engquist Isak, Fahlman Mats, Wågberg Lars, Crispin Xavier, Berggren Magnus
Advanced science 2015, 1500305

Rheological measurements of nanofibrillated cellulose systems : a science in progress
Naderi Ali, Lindström Tom
Cellulose and cellulose derivatives, ISBN 978-1-63483-127-7 Chapter 10, pp 187-202

Can redispersible low-charged nanofibrillated cellulose be produced by the addition of carboxymethyl cellulose?
Naderi Ali, Lindström Tom, Sundström Jonas, Flodberg Göran
Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal vol. 30, no. 4, pp 568-57

One-shot carboxylation of microcrystalline cellulose in the presence of nitroxyl radicals and sodium periodate
Coseri Sergiu, Biliuta Gabriela, Fras Zemlijic Lidija, Stevanic Srndovic Jasna, Larsson Per Tomas, Strnad Simona, Kreze Tatjana, Naderi Ali, Lindström Tom
RSC advances vol. 5, pp 85889-85597

Extrusion of softwood kraft lignins as precursors for carbon fibres
Salmen Lennart, Bergnor Elisabeth, Olsson Anne-Mari, Åkerström Mårten, Uhlin Anders
Bioresources vol. 10, no. 4, pp 7544-7554

Size and shape characterization of fines and fillers : a review
Hyll Kari
Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal vol. 30, no. 3, pp 466-487

The supramolecular structure of cellulose-rich wood pulps can be a determinative factor for enzymatic hydrolysability
 Aldaeus Fredrik, Larsson Karolina, Stevanic Srndovic Jasna, Kubat Mikaela, Karlström Katarina, Peciulyte Ausra, Olsson Lisbeth, Larsson Per Tomas
Cellulose vol. 22, pp 3991-4002

Phosphorylated cellulose nanofibrils : a renewable nanomaterial for the preparation of intrinsically flame-retardant materials
Ghanadpour Maryam; Carosio Federico; Larsson Per Tomas; Wågberg Lars
Biomacromolecules vol. 16, pp 3399-3410

Catabolism of coniferyl aldehyde, ferulic acid and p-coumaric acid by Saccharomyces cerevisiae yields less toxic products
Adeboye PeterT; Bettiga Maurizio; Aldaeus Fredrik; Larsson Per Tomas; Olsson Lisbeth
Microbial cell factories  vol. 14, no.149, 14pp

Pyrolysis of lignin with 2DGC quantification of lignin oil : effect of lignin type, process temperature and ZSM-5 in situ upgrading
Kalogiannis Konstantinos G; Stefanidis Stylianos D; Michailof Chrysoula M; Lappas Angelos A; Sjöholm Elisabeth
Journal of analytical and applied pyrolysis vol. 115, pp 410-418

Experimental characterisation of nanofibrillated cellulose foams
Srinivasa Prashanth; Kulachenko Artem; Aulin Christian
Cellulose 2015

Surface chemistry of nanocellulose fibers directs monocyte/macrophage response
Hua Kai; Ålander Eva; Lindström Tom; Mihranyan Albert; Strömme Maria; Ferraz Natalia
Biomacromolecules vol. 16, pp 2787-2795

Wood morphology and properties from molecular perspectives
Salmén Lennart
Annals of forest science vol. 72, pp 679-684

Holocellulose nanofibers of high molar mass and small diameter for high-strength nanopaper
Galland Sylvain; Berthold Fredrik; Prakobna Kasinee; Berglund Lars A
Biomacromolecules vol. 16, pp 2427-2435

New challenges regarding nonprocess elements in the liquor and lime cycle
Bialik Marta; Jensen Anna; Ahlroth Mikael
Tappi Journal vol. 14, no. 7, pp 421-429

Unusual effects of monocarboxylic acids on the structure and on the transport and mechanical properties of chitosan films
Chen Fei; Gällstedt Mikael; Olsson Richard; Gedde Ulf W; Hedenqvist Mikael S
Carbohydrate polymers vol. 132, pp 419-429

Structural changes during swelling of highly charged cellulose fibres
Sjöstedt Anna; Wohlert Jakob; Larsson Per Tomas; Wågnerg Lars
Cellulose vol.

Improved material properties of solution-cast starch films: Effect of varying amylopectin structure and amylose content of starch from genetically modified potatoes
Daniel Geoffrey ; Gällstedt Mikael ; Menzel Carolin ; Andersson Mariette ; Andersson Roger ; Vasquez-Gutierrez Jose L ; Langton Maud ; Koch Kristine
Carbohydrate polymers vol. 30, 14 June 2015, pp 388-397

Integration of next-generation biofuel production in the Swedish forest industry : a geographically explicit approach
Ehn Christian ; Berglin Niklas ; Pettersson Karin ; Westerlund Elisabeth ; Athanassiadis Dimitris ; Lundmark Robert ; Lundgren Joakim
Applied energy vol. 154, pp 317-332

Macromolecular changes and nano-structural arrangements in gliadin and glutenin films upon chemical modification relation to functionality
Rasheed Faiza ; Newson William R ; Plivelic Tomas ; Kuktaite Ramune ; Hedenqvist Mikael S ; Gällstedt Mikael ; Johansson Eva
International journal of biological macromolecules vol. 79, pp 151-159

Method for the quantification of in-plane drying non-uniformity
Tysén Aron ; Vomhoff Hannes
Nordic pulp and paper research journal vol. 30, no. 2, pp 286-295

Nanostructural morphology of plasticized wheat gluten and modified potato starch composites: relationship to mechanical and barrier properties
Hedenqvist Mikael S ; Gällstedt Mikael ; Plivelic Tomas S ; Kuktaite Ramune ; Muneer Faraz ; Andersson Mariette ; Koch Kristine ; Menzel Carolin
Biomacromolecules vol. 16, no. 3, pp 695-705

Surface characteristics of cellulose nanoparticles grafted by surface-initiated ring-opening polymerization of ε-caprolactone
Larsson Per Tomas ; Malmström Eva ; Carlsson Linn ; Ingverud Tobias ; Blomberg Hanna ;Carlmark Anna
Cellulose vol. 22, pp 1063-1074

Mild gluten separation - a non-destructive approach to fine tune structure and mechanical behavior of wheat gluten films
Rasheed Faiza ; Hedenqvist Mikael S ; Kuktaite Ramune ; Plivelic Tomas S ; Gällstedt Mikael ; Johansson Eva
Industrial crops and products vol. 73, pp 90-98

Development of a semicontinuous spray process for the production of superhydrophobic coatings from supercritical carbon dioxide solution
Olin Pontus; Hyll Caroline; Ovaskainen Louise; Ruda Marcus: Wågberg Lars; Schmidt Oskar; Turner Charlotta
Industrial & engineering chemistry research vol. 54, pp 1059-1067

Bridging chemical dosage, mixing, quality, and variability in paper sheets
Krochak Paul; Carmini Fasci Giuseppe; Norman Bo; Prahl Wittberg Lisa
Tappi Journal vol. 14, no. 5, pp 311-319

Estimating solid wood properties using pilodyn an acoustic velocity on standing trees of Norway spruce
Lundqvist Sven-Olof; Olsson Lars; Chen Zhi-Qiang; Karlsson Bo; Rosario GGarcia Gil Maria; Wu Harry
Annals of forest science vol. 72, no. 4, pp 499-508

RISE ToD Pilotprojekt 1. Nya erbjudanden för nya användare – tillgängliggörande av demonstrationsmiljöerna hos Innventia : slutrapport
Athley Karin
Innventia report 662 

Possible toxicological effects of nanocellulose : a literature study
Lie Ewa; Ålander Eva; Lindström Tom
Innventia report 648 

Rheology of high consistency microfibrillated cellulose
Felix Tapia Luis Carlos; Ålander Eva; Krochak Paul
Innventia report 627 

Changes of wood cell walls in response to hygro-mechanical steam treatment
Guo Juan; Song Kunlin; Salmén Lennart; Yin Yafang
Carbohydrate polymers vol. 115, 2015, pp 207-214 

Barrier properties of polypropylene carbonate and poly(lactid acid) cast films
Flodberg Göran; Helland Irene; Thomsson Lars;Fredriksen S B
European Polymer Journal vol. 63, 2015, pp 217-226 

Microfluidized carboxymethyl cellulose modified pulp : a nanofibrillated cellulose system with some attractive properties
Naderi Ali; Lindström Tom; Sundström Jonas; Pettersson Torbjörn; Flodberg Göran; Erlandsson Johan
Cellulose vol. 22, 2015, no. 2, pp 1159-1173 

Repeated homogenization, a route for decreasing the energy consumption in the manufacturing process of carboxymethylated nanofilbrillated cellulose?
Naderi Ali; Lindström Tom; Sundström Jonas
Cellulose vol. 22, 2015, no. 2, pp 1147-1157 

Production of a pure lignin product. Part 3: Distribution and removal of inorganics from softwood lignin
Ziesig Rufus; Sedin Maria; Tomani Per; Theliander Hans
Nordic pulp and paper research journal vol. 30, 2015, no. 2, pp 199-206

Impact of the supramolecular structure of cellulose on the efficiency of enzymatic hydrolysis
Peciulyte Ausra; Karlström Katarina; Larsson Per Tomas; Olsson Lisbeth
Biotechnology for biofuels vol. 8, 2015, no. 56 

Corrugated boxes and transportation demands : a feasibility study
Trost Thomas; Alfthan Johan
44 Jahrestagung der GUS, 25-27 March 2015, Karlsruhe 

Hierarchical wood cellulose fiber/epoxy biocomposites : material design of fiber porosity and nanostructure
Ansari Farhan; Sjöstedt Anna; Larsson Per Tomas; Berglund Lars A; Wågberg Lars
Composites Part A vol. 74, 2015, pp 60-68