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Doctoral and licentiate theses

Innventia has a long tradition of postgraduate education. A list of the most recent theses performed at Innventia can be viewed here.


Physical, chemical and biochemical modifications of industrial softwood kraft lignin for different applications (Doctoral Thesis)
Wang, Miao


Image-based quantitative infrared analysis and microparticle characterisation for pulp and paper applications (Doctoral Thesis)
Hyll, Kari

Interfacial adhesion failure : impact on print-coating surface defects (Doctoral Thesis)
Kamal Alm, Hajer


Absorption non-uniformity characterisation and its impact on flexographic ink distribution of coated packaging boards (Licentiate Thesis)
Thorman, Sofia


Towards a pure kraft lignin : ditribution and removal of inorganic impurities (Licentiate Thesis)
Ziesig, Rufus

Through air drying : the influence of formation and pulp type on non-uniform drying and air flow (Licentiate Thesis)
Tysén, Aron


Infrared emittance of paper: method development, measurements and application (Licentiate thesis)
Hyll, Caroline

Microfibrillated cellulose: energy efficient preparation techniques and key properties (Licentiate thesis)
Ankerfors, Mikael

Carbon fibres from kraft liquor (Doctoral thesis)
Norberg, Ida

Birch xylan modification by lactide grafting (Licentiate thesis)
Persson, Johanna 


Interactions between wood polymers in wood cell walls and cellulose/hemicellulose biocomposites (Doctoral thesis)
Stevanic Srndovic, Jasna


Wood-fibre composites: stress transfer and hygroexpansion (Doctoral thesis)
Almgren, Karin

Hybrid printing on fibre-based packaging: performance, quality and market (Doctoral thesis)
Rehberger, Marcus

Whiteness and fluorescence in paper: perception and optical modelling (Licentiate thesis)
Gustafsson Coppel, Ludovic

Evaluation of two hydrocyclone designs for pulp fractionation (Licentiate thesis)
Andersson, Rasmus


Suberin based polyesters (Licentiate thesis)
Olsson, Ann


Ultrastructure of primary cell wall of softwood fibres studied by dynamic FT-IR  spectroscopy (Licentiate thesis)
Stevanic Srndovic, Jasna

Chemical characterization in the biorefinery of licnocellulose: formation and management of oxalic acid and analysis of feedstocks for bioethanol production (Doctoral thesis)
Sjöde, Anders

Aspects of the impact of technology integration on agility and supply chain management: the potential of digital packaging printing (Doctoral thesis)
Viström, Magnus

On suction box dewatering mechanisms (Doctoral thesis)
Åslund, Peter

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