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Testbed for highly deformable papers

We can now tailor the paper extensibility to just the level of the product needs.

One key factor for a paper material to be able to replace traditional oil-based materials is its stretchability. By removing such limitations, new business areas for forest-based raw materials can become reality today. We can now customise the stretchability of the paper to the exact level required by the product.

In our pilot environment, you can test your idea under industrial conditions, thus saving both time and investment costs. With us, you can get closer to the market and accelerate your innovation period. Here you can also conduct demonstration projects or long-term development projects where our collective knowledge and expertise can answer your specific questions during the development of your new products. 

The offer is to customise the properties and get paper to behave flexibly, for example like a plastic bag. It is now possible in our test bed to improve cardboard, sack paper or other existing products - or even sustainable materials for the future. 

We can, for example, simulate a sack paper machine and increase the energy absorption of the material by a factor of 6. We can develop the best stretch quality for your paper. Here at RISE Bioeconomy we customise the experiment to suit your product and your needs, from fibres, additives, and manufacturing all the way to prototype. So use our FEX pilot facility for pilot trials and microcreping so that you can produce the material you need.

Innovative technology

The new papermorphosis® technology is an innovative paper technology that is used to adjust the stretchability of paper. This technology is resulting in brand new or improved paper, and thus broadening the application potential for paper as a more environmentally-friendly alternative. Our new test bed for stretchable paper can therefore reduce production of non-biodegradable material.

RISE is an independent research institute that is currently host to this innovative technology that is owned and patented by Gruppo X di X Gruppo. The test bed and out pilot paper machine allows for the industry to obtain answers to questions in an industry-relevant way. 


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Originally published in the Jan/Feb 2017 issue of Paper360°, the official member magazine of TAPPI. Visit Used with permission.