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Packaging test centre

Does the packaging protect your product? Transport testing is carried out to ensure that the packaging protects the product against the stresses it is exposed to throughout the transport chain.


Lisbet Frycklund carries out a drop test.

All manufactured goods are packaged and transported in different ways, all over the world. For example, this involves changes in climate, drops and shocks, storage for varying periods of time, and vibration during distribution.

Standards for transport testing

Rise Bioeconomy has one of the Nordic region's best equipped and most advanced laboratories for testing and developing packaging. We have expertise in various testing methods and standards for simulation of transportation and handling within distribution and packaging. In our laboratory which is  ISTA-certified, we carry out transport testing in accordance with existing international standards such as ASTM, ETSI, IEC, ISO, ISTA, NEBS (Bellcore), Innventia Standard, companies' internal testing methods or your own requirements.

What does transport testing involve?

We choose a suitable method in relation to the distribution environment that the packaged product will be exposed to. Complete testing simulates the entire transportation process from manufacturing to customer, and consists of a number of different stages. These can also be carried out individually if you want to investigate specific packaging properties.

We carry out:
Climatic tests 
Drop tests/Shock 
Compression tests/load tests/stacking strength tests 
Vibration tests 
Rail switching tests/horizontal impact tests 

Packaging testing

We also carry out packaging testing on, for example, pallets, cushion materials and box constructions.