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Movable demo factory for Nanocellulose

To facilitate the evaluation of nanocellulose on an industrial scale, there is now a removable plant capable of producing tons of nanocellulose per day. The facility makes it possible to easily and cost-effectively verify the use of nanocellulose in different processes and products.

Interest in nanocellulose has increased in recent years and the possibilities of this unique material are many. In 2013, therefore, work was started to develop a removable demo factory that would allow for actual factory attempts. Thanks to a project funded by VINNOVA and own funding, the movable demo factory could be built. The finished factory, housed in two 12m long containers, was ready to be used in 2016.

With a capacity to produce 100 kg per hour, the demo factory makes it possible to evaluate the use of nanocellulose on, for example, manufacturing of paper or cardboard. Important to know is that in fact only a few percent by weight of nanocellulose is required to achieve a significant boost that can be used to reduce raw material costs through:

• Reduced base weight with retained strength
• Increased proportion of fillers with retained strength
• Use of a weaker and cheaper paper pulp

It takes only a few days of production for a full day of testing on a regular paper machine (50 tons / h production). In a test, the mill only needs to provide the demo factory with pre-printed pulp, electricity and water. From the container factory, Nanocellullose is then delivered and ready to use.