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FEX paper machine

The pulp and paper industry and suppliers to the industry use the FEX paper machine to carry out process optimisation and product development, as well as evaluating new technologies and raw material potential.

Extensive stock supply

The capacity of the stock system has recently been increased. Following the addition of two large tanks, the stock storage system now includes seven tanks, with a total capacity of 540 m³, allowing up to 20 tonnes of stock.

Up-to-date wet end

The FEX paper machine can be configured for 1-, 2- or 3-ply forming, using either conventional or special headboxes. The design of the forming section includes a twin-wire unit and a Fourdrinier unit, which can be used individually or in combination.

Web samples are rolled after the press section, and samples are dried in a single-cylinder or 10-cylinder off-line dryer.

The paper machine is balanced for speeds up to 2500 m/min, and samples have been so far rolled up to 1500 m/min.

Closed white-water system

The white-water system includes two short circulations, and is closed material-wise with a disc filter, so that all material ends up in the product. Therefore, industrial conditions can be replicated and studied using the FEX paper machine. The white-water system was designed to minimise its volume. This means that steady state conditions can be reached within 60-90 min of start-up with a water-filled system.

Advanced chemical additive system

In the chemical additives system, up to seven different chemical components (retention aids, strength additives, hydrofobation chemicals, etc.) can be added simultaneously. The addition positions can be chosen from second level up to eight minutes before the headbox.


The process is completely computer controlled, including white-water sampling at a large number of positions. Relevant white-water flow rates are recorded. Quick changes between different furnish combinations and machine set-ups allow a wide range of trial alternatives.


A highly qualified machine crew is backed up by experienced laboratory personnel with access to the extensive pulp and paper testing resources at Innventia. Professors in research areas ranging from paper technology and fluid mechanics to paper chemistry and paper physics are also actively involved in research and development projects focused on the FEX paper machine.

The FEX paper machine

The FEX paper machine


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