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Processing of plastics

Within the packaging industry, extrusion is also used to create plastic films or to coat other materials with a layer of plastic. This can be done to achieve better barrier properties, for example to protect products from moisture or air transmission, or to weld together packaging made from board.

extruder park

Extrusion is the most commonly used method for plastic processing. It is used mainly for producing plastic components with a specific profile or shape. Rise Bioeconomy currently has three extruders and one injection moulder.

The minilab extruder

The minilab extruder, which is made by Haake, is important when studying new materials and what their formulation should be for subsequent up scaling in commercial production. It is ideal for use when developing new plastic mixtures or composites for films, coatings, fibres or other purposes.

The medium sized lab extruder

This versatile extruder, made by LabTech technologies, is frequently used in many different projects.  Much like the minilab extruder, it is ideal for use when developing new plastic mixtures or composites. It can be used for compounding master batches, or extrusion of films or strands. The screws can be rebuilt to fit different materials and the extruder setup includes possibilities for gravimetric feeding, liquid injection, degassing, air or water cooling and pelletizing.  

The pilot extruder

The pilot extruder is made by Extron, and is mainly used when developing existing material mixtures, testing and evaluating new plastics, and further refining and optimising the material composition of existing plastics. Films or coated board/paper can be produced on a smaller scale.

The injection moulder

Injection moulding is the most common method for producing plastic details. Our injection moulder, made by BOY, is used for manufacturing tensile- and notched impact test specimens from a variety of plastic and composite materials, including materials produced in our medium sized lab extruder. 


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