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Innventia boasts in-depth knowledge when it comes to printability. We can help with finding out which material properties affect printability in terms of:

  • ink transfer to paper or board
  • the interaction between printing ink and paper or board
  • the reasons for the final print quality

Printability is the sum of all the properties of the paper or board that create the conditions for good print quality. Runnability is the property of the material that makes it technically possible to make good use of the material in the printing press. Knowledge of the printing process is essential in order to optimise the properties of the paper or board. Different printing processes place different demands on the surface smoothness, surface strength and absorption capacity of the substrate. We have a great deal of experience with the substrate properties required in order to achieve the desired print quality with offset, flexographic, inkjet and rotogravure printing.

Predicting and creating better printability on paper and board

We focus on methods that can predict printability. These methods enable paper and board manufacturers to produce effective printing surfaces.

Measuring and achieving the desired print quality

Our methods enable you to measure the quality of the print that is in accordance with visual assessments. This is important in order to be able to find links between material properties and print quality. The need for relevant measuring methods – such as OptiTopo for measuring surface smoothness and STFI Mottling for measuring print density variations – is constantly growing as new innovations appear: new printing techniques, higher press speeds, etc. We develop measuring methods on the basis of new needs as they arise.

Runnability – problem-free printing

We have a great deal of experience with the runnability issues of printing press, such as delamination and particles that come loose from the printing surface and disrupt the printing process. We can help with printing press analyses, both in the lab and online, to investigate the nature of these particles, surface strength, etc.


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