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Impulse technology

Impulse technology is a high-intensity web consolidation technique in which water is removed from a wet paper web by the combined action of mechanical pressure and intense heat. Impulse technology implements the positive effect of increased web temperature on both dewatering rate and web consolidation.

The basic concepts of impulse technology stem from Douglas Wahren's invention and vision of combining pressing and dewatering of paper by exposing the sheet to a heated pressing surface. Later, it was realised that high temperatures have the potential to modify and improve the paper surface. The term "impulse technology" was established at Innventia to encompass this expanded window of opportunities.

Paper machine pilot trials at FEX showed that impulse technology is a viable technique for increasing production and improving product quality. Implementing the technique offers:

  • Improved dewatering, with production improvement by as much as 40% when the drying section is the limiting factor
  • Improved mechanical properties
  • Smoother surfaces
  • Improved surface-to-stiffness relationship
  • Improved printability


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