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New packaging materials

We believe that the packaging of the future will be made from materials that are not only renewable but also smart. We are currently working with interactive paper and packaging materials that change their appearance and form in response to various stimuli, functional pressure and bio-based barriers for food packaging. 

The demonstrators show various innovative aspects of the materials being developed by Innventia. The common theme is “the different faces of a material”. Designer Anna Glansén has worked together with our researchers to interpret the various expressions that a cellulose composite, for example, can adopt – it can be converted from a soft, fluffy and opaque semi-finished product into something that is strong, rigid and translucent.


The demonstrators have been evaluated in terms of sustainability, including climate testing and the consumer experience.

The dome - Cellulose in three parts

Innventias demonstrator kupolen

The dome - Formable pulp, where water and heat have been used
The window - The smallest constituent part of wood fibre, water-cast into a film
The lid - Wood

For more information, please contact: Helena Halonen, Hjalmar Granberg or Mikael Ankerfors

The pentagon - The barrier

Innventias demonstrator pentagonenMoisture barrier concept for biobased and printable barriers. The demonstrator shows packaging before and after activation of the barrier.

For more information, please contact: Peter Rättö or Mikael Gällstedt

The cone - Self-opening packaging

Innventias demonstrator konenInteractive and mechano-active material. The demonstrator shows how heat, moisture or electricity can create a controlled movement.

For more information, please contact: Hjalmar Granberg or Marie-Claude Béland

The pyramid - Cellulose composites

Innventias demonstrator pyramidenCellulose composite in different processes. From soft, fluffy and opaque to strong, rigid, translucent and patterned.

For more information please contact: Fredrik Berthold


The cube/the star: Transformable packaging

Innventias demonstrator kuben stjärnanA playful cube that can be converted into a star. Demonstrates grip stiffness measurement and openability.






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