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Consumer insight

Consumer insight at Innventia is all about psychological research and commissions relating to how people perceive materials and packaging.

Taking the consumer as our focus, we develop knowledge about how communicative, structural and functional aspects of packaging contribute towards creating awareness, reinforcing the brand and leading to purchases and repeat purchases. Our research helps our customers to position themselves better in the market, and contributes towards a higher success rate when launching or making design changes to packaging, for example.

Materials, print quality, colour and shape work in partnership to create packaging which is attractive for its purpose, and which is easy and pleasing to use. In our research, we develop knowledge and models that can be used in product development or marketing. By taking an interdisciplinary approach, we contribute towards the structure of a material being tailored to provide both the desired technical properties and the desired expression, such as "softer" paper or "more natural" biocomposites.

Research collaboration on consumer choice in shops

Through research collaboration with Stockholm School of Economics' Center for Retailing and the University of Gävle, we have two doctoral students working in this area. Together with the Center for Retailing, we carry out research into how eye movements can help us to understand what influences in-store consumer choices. With the University of Gävle, we carry out research into how new materials can be designed so that they express "naturalness" or the fact that they are renewable.

Woman with black glasses that examines a box of textured surfaces

Woman examines a box of different types of surfaces


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