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Further publications nanocellulose

Open publications in the field of microfibrillated cellulose (nanocellulose) by the Innventia research group (Ankerfors, Aulin and Lindström)

“On the charge stoichiometry upon adsorption of a cationic polyelectrolyte on cellulosic materials”
Wågberg, L., Winter, L., Ödberg, L., Lindström, T.
Colloid and Surfaces, 27 (1987), 163-173.  

“An environmentally friendly method for enzyme-assisted preparation of micro-fibrillated cellulose (MFC) nanofibres”
Henriksson M, Henriksson G, Berglund A and Lindström T
European Polymer Journal 43 (8) (2007) 3434-3441

“Enhanced film forming and film properties of amylopectin using micro-fibrillated cellulose”,
Lopéz-Rubio A, Lagaron J M, Ankerfors M, Lindström T, Nordqvist D, Mattozi A and Hedenqvist M S
Carbohydrate Polymers 68 (4) (2007) 718-727

"Enhancement of the wet properties of transparent chitosan-acetic acid-salt films using microfibrillar cellulose”
Nordqvist D, Idermark J, Hedenqvist M S, Gällstedt M, Ankerfors M and Lindström T
Biomacromolecules 8(8), (2007) 2398-2403

“Enzymatic hydrolysis combined with mechanical shearing and high-pressure homogenization for nanoscale cellulose fibrils and strong gels”
Pääkkö M, Ankerfors M, Kosonen H, Nykänen A, Ahola S, Österberg M, Rukolainen J, Laine J, Larsson P T, Ikkala O and Lindström T
Biomacromolecules 8(6) (2007), 1934-1941

“Towards new perspectives in paper chemistry”
Lindström T
Ipw 10 (2007) 32-36 

“The build-up of polyelectrolyte multilayers of microfibrillated cellulose and cationic polyelectrolytes”
Wågberg L, Decher G, Norgen M, Lindström T, Ankerfors M, Axnäs K
Langmuir (2008) 24(3), 784-795.

“Build-up of polyelectrolyte multilayers of polyethyleneimine and microfibrillated cellulose and cationic studied by in situ dual-polarization interferometry and quartz microbalance with dissipation”
Aulin C, Varga I, Claesson P M, Wågberg L, Lindström T
Langmuir (2008) 24(6), 2509-2518 

“Cellulose nanopaper structures of high toughness”
Henriksson M, Berglund L A, Isaksson P, Lindström T, Nishino T
Biomacromolecules (2008) 9 (6), 1575-1585 

“Long entangled native cellulose I nanofibers allow flexible aerogels and hierarchically porous templates for functionalities”
Paeaekkoe M, Vapaavuori J, Silvennoinen R, Kosonen H, Ankerfors M, Lindstroem T, Berglund, L A, Ikkala O.
Soft Matter (2008) 4(12), 2492-2499 

“Solid state nanofibers based on self-assemblies: from cleaving to self assemblies to multilevel hierarchical constructs”
Ikkala O., Ras R. H. A., Houbenov N., Ruokolainen J., Pääkkö M., Laine J., Leskelä M., Berglund L. A., Lindström T., ten Brinke G., Iatrou H., Hadjichristidis N. and Faul C. F. J.,
Faraday Discuss. (2009), 143 (Soft Nanotechnology), 95-107


“Design of highly oleophobic cellulose surfaces from structured silicon templates” Aulin C, Sang Ho, Y, Wågberg L and Lindström T

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2009), 1(11), 2443-2452


“Native cellulose I nanofibers allow flexible aerogels and hierarchically porous templates for functionalities”

Paakko M, Vapaavuori J, Silvennoinen R, Kosonen H, Ras R, Ankerfors M, Lindström T, Berglund L A, Ikkala O T

Polymeric Materials Science & Engng (Preprints) (2009).


“Nanoscale cellulose films with different crystallinity - Their surface properties and interaction with water”

Aulin, C., Ahola, S, Josefsson, P., Nishino, T.,Hirose, Y., Österberg, M., Wågberg, L.

Langmuir 25(13) 7675-7685 (2009).


“Design of highly oleophobic cellulose surfaces from structured silicon templates”.

Aulin, C., Yun, S.H., Wågberg, L. and Lindström, T.

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 1(11) 2443-2452 (2009).


“A nanocellulose polypyrrole composite based on microfibrillated cellulose from wood”

Nyström G, Mihranyan A, Razaq A, Lindström T, Nyholm L and Strømme M

J. Phys. Chem. B. 114: 4178-4182, (2010)


“Self-organized films from cellulose I nanofibrils using the layer-by-layer technique”

Aulin C, Johansson E, Wågberg L and Lindström T

Biomacromolecules 11: 872-882, (2010)


“Oxygen and oil barrier properties of microfibrilated cellulose films and coatings”

Aulin C, Gällstedt M and Lindström T.

Cellulose 17: 559-574 (2010)


“Reduction of the linting and dusting propensity of newspaper using starch and microfibrillated cellulose”

Song, H., Ankerfors, M., Hoc, M., and Lindström, T.

Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal 25(4), 495-504 (2010)


“Aerogels from nanofibrillated cellulose with tunable oleophobicity”

Aulin, C., Netrval, J., Wågberg, L. and Lindström, T.  

Soft Matter 6, 3298-3305. (2010)



“Investigation of mass transport properties of microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) films”

Minelli, M., Baschetti, M.G., Doghieri, F., Ankerfors, M., Lindström, T., Siro, I., Plackett, D.

Journal of Membrane Science 358, 67-75 (2010).


“Highly transparent films from carboxymethylated microfibrillated cellulose: The effect of multiple homogenization steps on key properties”

Siro, I., Plackett, D., Hedenqvist, M., Ankerfors, M., Lindström, T.

Journal of Applied Polymer Science 117, 3601-3609 (2010).


“Photoswitchable superabsorbency based on nanocellulose aerogels”

Kettunen (née Pääkkö), M., Silvennoinen, R. J., Houbenov, N., Nykänen, A., Ruokolainen, J., Sainio, J., Pore, V., Kemell, M., Ankerfors, M., Lindström, T., Ritala, M., Ras, R. H. A., and Ikkala, O.

Advanced Functional Materials (2011) 21(3), 510-517


 “Physical properties and morphology of films prepared from microfibrillated cellulose and microfibrillated cellulose in combination with amylopectin”

Plackett, D., Anturi, H., Hedenqvist, M., Ankerfors, M., Gällstedt, M., Lindström, T., Siro, I.

Journal of Applied Polymer Science 119, 2652-2660 (2011)


”Investigation of the formation, structure and release characteristics of self-assembled composite films of cellulose nanofibrils and temperature responsive microgels”

Acciaro, R., Aulin, C., Wågberg, L., Lindström, T., Claesson, P. M., Varga, I.,

Soft Matter (2011), 7(4), 1369-1377


“Nanocelluloses: A new family of nature-based materials”

Klemm, D., Kramer, F., Moritz, S. Lindström, T., Ankerfors, M., Gray, D. and Dorris, A.

Angew. Chemie Int. Edition (2011) 50(24), 5438-5466


”Synthesis of polycaprolactone grafted microfibrillated cellulose for use in novel bionanocomposites - influence of the graft length on the mechanical properties”

Lönnberg, H., Larsson, K., Lindström, T., Holt, A., Malmström, E.

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2011) 3(5), 1426-1433


“The behaviour of cationic nanofibrillar cellulose in aqueous media”

Olszewska, A. , Eronen, P., Johansson, L.-S., Malho, J.-M., Ankerfors, M., Lindström, T., Ruokolainen, J., Laine, J. Österberg, M.

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“Biopolymer coatings for paper and board”

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”Colloidal ionic assembly between anionic native cellulose nanofibrils and cationic block copolymer micelles into biomimetic nanocomposites”.

Wang, M., Olszewska, A., Walther, A., Malho, J.-M., Schacher, F.H., Ruokolainen, J., Ankerfors, M., Laine, J., Berglund, L.A., Österberg, M., Ikkala, O..

Biomacromolecules, 12(6), 2074-2081 (2011).


Influence of the nanocellulose raw material characteristics on the electrochemical and mechanical properties of conductive paper electrodes”
Mihranyan, A., Esmaeili, M., Razaq, A., Alexeichik, D., Lindström, T.
Journal of Materials Science, Ahead of Print.


“Polylactide latex/nanofibrillated cellulose bionanocomposites of high nanofibrillated cellulose content and nanopaper network structure prepared by papermaking route”.

Larsson, K., Berglund, L.A., Ankerfors, M., Lindström, T.

Journal of Applied Polymer Science (2012). Available online, DOI: 10.1002/app.36413.