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Active materials

RISE Bioeconomy develops interactive papers and packaging materials which change their shape and appearance when they respond to different stimuli. These can be used for smart packaging solutions to make products and brands more visible, or to create self-forming or self-opening packaging.

Bio-based electronics

RISE Bioeconomy develops bio-based electronics that meets the future needs of functional materials while supporting a circular economy, both through material and process research. The materials can be used for a variety of applications from energy storage of renewable energy, water and air purification to the interface between analogue reality and digital features that are of great value to "Internet of Things".

Light cellulose aerogels can be filled with electrically conductive materials such as graphite or conductive polymers to store energy from, for example, solar cells.

Applications for biobased electronics include:

  • Storage of energy
  • Generation of energy
  • Water and air purification
  • Internet of Things
  • Sensors
  • Optimization of agrarian growth
  • Interactive packaging

Opto-active materials

Marketing and product safety are two attractive areas for opto-active materials. These materials can change colour when exposed to specific stimuli, such as moisture, temperature, mechanical tension or electricity. RISE Bioeconomy has succeeded in developing a thin paper coating, based on renewable materials, which reacts to the moisture in exhaled breath by displaying a variety of interference colours.

ZnO paper demonstrator

Mineral particles in the paper get new properties when illuminated with sunlight. The picture shows a zinc oxide paper, produced at RISE Bioeconomy, which has been printed with conductive ink by RISE Acreo.

Opto-aktivt material

Opto-active packaging before (right) and after (left) being exposed to exhaled moisture.

Applications for opto-active papers include:

  • Interactive displays
  • Product safety
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Sensors
  • Brand identity
  • Inspiring design

Mechano-active materials

Mechano-active materials can change their shape, rigidity, elasticity or permeability in response to various stimuli, such as moisture, heat or electricity. Innventia has succeeded in creating many different renewable mechano-active papers and composites that can move in exciting ways.

Mekano-aktivt material

Bending sequence for a paper flower at different temperatures
1 Taken from the freezer at a temperature of -4°C
2 Appearance at room temperature, 23°C
3 Taken from the oven at a temperature of 70°C

Soup-pop, a demonstrator for a self-opening packaging which presents its contents when placed in a hot oven:


Moisture sensitive paper: Demonstrator of a paper flower which could, for example, be applied on a test strip for perfumes.