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LignoBoost is a unique technology for extracting high quality lignin from a kraft pulp mill. It has received a great deal of attention. In collaboration with many partners but especially Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg, this technology was developed by Innventia within the framework of three research programmes that began at the end of the 1990s.

The LignoBoost process makes it possible to expand the capacity of a pulp mill at a lower cost than what building extensions to a ‘bottlenecked’ recovery boiler would incur. Profitability is further increased if the lignin can be used as:

  • A replacement for fuel oil or natural gas in e.g. a lime sludge reburning kiln at a pulp mill.
  • As raw material in the production of valuable products, such as carbon fibre.

LignoBoost is one of the technologies available and ready for use to develop your biorefinery concept. Since 2008, the LignoBoost technology is owned and commercialized by Valmet. Two commercial plants (Domtar, USA and Stora Enso, Finland) are presently running.

We offer:

  • LignoBoost process evaluation and pre-studies together with Metso.
  • Modelling of your pulp mill - material, Na/S, energy and water balances - including a techno-economic assessment for integrating the LignoBoost concept into your pulp mill.
  • Process development to improve the biorefinery possibilities.
  • R & D projects tailor-made for your purposes.
  • Large scale production in the LignoBoost demonstration plant.