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“We will utilise our pilot environment”

“Processes for board, printing and packaging paper” is a field of research that takes significant account of sustainability. One of the goals of this research is to use less raw material and energy in order to have a significant impact on sustainability in the long term.

What will you be researching into?

Many issues arising in paper and cardboard manufacture involve resource efficiency. The goal is to increase quality and make the product cheaper by using less energy and raw materials. This field of research will, therefore, focus on that, but we also want to expand the feature space of the material. This could enable paper to replace other materials in several areas, such as fossil plastics.  

What are the challenges?

“There are many things that can ultimately affect what researchers want to improve. One challenge is finding a point where you think you can make an important contribution,” says Claes Holmqvist.

Among other aims, there is a desire to improve the structure of the paper and control how the material is distributed in the thickness direction. This affects many of the final properties of the product, such as how easy it is to print on it and convert it.    

“We already know a great deal about how the structure of cardboard, for instance, should look. The difficulty is achieving that in full-scale production,” says Claes.

How can the challenges be solved?

Within this field of research, work will be combined with stock preparation, the forming process and chemistry in order to achieve the goals. Mechanical processing of fibres is important in developing their properties. By sorting the raw material into fractions, each fraction can be given customised treatment. It is during the forming of the sheet that the structure is set.

However, the results are linked to the fibre raw materials, and it is important to investigate how different parameters can be adjusted to control the process. Often, chemistry can also be used to affect the process and the product properties, and even here new ideas are being examined.

Claes Holmqvist is responsible for the area "Processes for board, printing and packaging paper" in the research program 2018-2020.


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