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Packaging 2020

Published 03/03/2014 by Fredrik Rosén, Marco Lucisano

We released the report Packaging 2020 – Innventia Global Outlook Report a year ago. The report describes seven global forces and their impact on the packaging industry and the packaging of the future. The study is based on Innventia's expertise and interviews carried out within broad networks, in combination with a survey of 1,500 consumers in the US, India and Sweden.

The study was carried out as part of an internal strategy project at Innventia. We also wanted to encourage more dialogue between the players involved in the packaging value chain. What are the opportunities, challenges and threats facing packaging in tomorrow's society? Of course, we had hoped that the report would be received well. But we weren't prepared for the wide-reaching international impact it quickly had. At the time of writing, the report has generated interest in more than 30 different countries, and we have printed more than 4,000 copies in order to meet demand. The report obviously fulfilled a need!

Businesses, organisations and researchers working within the field of packaging have recognised themselves in the content of Packaging 2020 and can therefore relate to Innventia and our operations. Thanks to Packaging 2020, the past year has been one of exciting meetings, interesting discussions and new impressions. We are delighted to have been invited to meetings and conferences outside our usual network, including by European Plastics Converters and LivsmedelsFöreningen. It was particularly interesting facing tough questions from interest groups, lobbyists and players from other industries. Packaging 2020 obviously contains conclusions that both stimulate and engage its readers.

So what did we say in the report, and what has happened during the past year?

In Packaging 2020, we pointed out a number of megatrends challenging the packaging industry: a growing global middle class, an aging population, limited access to raw materials and intensified urbanisation. We're seeing purchasing decisions being guided by the packaging material itself, not just the appearance of the packaging. We're also seeing a clear demand and a great need for smarter packaging.

The growth in online shopping is another trend that we analysed as part of the project. We are fascinated by the brown boxes that are often used for sending goods nowadays. We can't help asking ourselves whether they will still be as brown and boring in the future, or whether they will become an important part of branding. It has therefore been extremely interesting to see that the past year featured mergers within industry that has strengthened players with a focus on secondary packaging for e-commerce.

One area in which e-commerce has shown strong growth during the year is home delivery of food, which is another trend we discussed in Packaging 2020. We willingly admit that we, too, have fallen for this. Having a bag of groceries for the week, a basket of organic fruit or freshly baked bread delivered to the door certainly has its advantages. And speaking of food, 2013 was the year in which the requirements for packaging materials in contact with foodstuffs have been discussed with such vigour that recycled fibre-based packaging has been seriously questioned at times. This is something else we addressed in the report, as a growing challenge for the industry as a whole.

Here at Innventia, we have used the conclusions of Packaging 2020 in our strategy work and as guidance in our conversations with customers, financial backers and other stakeholders. It is extremely rewarding for us to place our research and innovation activities in the context of developments in the world around us. We are therefore currently working on another global outlook report: Papermaking towards the future. In this report, we present and analyse four scenarios relating to the paper products of the future. What will the industry look like, and how can we start preparing for this right now?

Papermaking towards the future will be presented on 17 March. In the meantime, you can order a copy of Packaging 2020, which is now back in print.

Fredrik Rosén Marco Lucisano Innventia

Fredrik Rosén is Director Market Strategy and Marco Lucisano is Research Manager of Process Solutions at Innventia.

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