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Mattias Drotz looks forward to new insights

The tissue research area will tell us more about absorption and the mechanical properties of different load situations. Mattias Drotz tells more about this part of the next research program.

What will you be researching into? 

During the research programme, the researchers will focus on developing more energy-efficient processes and optimising the end product in order to achieve optimal function and tactile properties. The researchers have also developed new measurement systems in order to study liquid distribution in various structures and unique methods for studying the failure mechanics properties of hygiene products. In this way it is possible to study absorption and the mechanical properties dynamically for various load cases.  

What are the challenges?

A constant challenge in this field is creating more energy-efficient processes. For instance, you can investigate if there are better raw materials for the products. Mattias says that people are looking at alternative types of fibres around the world. 

“We work close to production to see if there is a better way of drying the paper. For instance, you can look at alternative heating methods using other energy sources in order to achieve better production economics during manufacture. Another aspect may be improving production economics by increasing the availability and minimising the number of operational stoppages during manufacture and conversion of the products. One challenge involves optimising the design of the converted end product based on the type of base paper available,” says Mattias. 

How can the challenges be solved?

In order to increase energy efficiency and reduce the number of operational stoppages during manufacture, the researchers will work on fibres and stock preparation, among other things, where research has been under way for longer. The work will be conducted on a smaller and larger scale, with the aim being to implement the results. Pilot and demonstration facilities will be used both within RISE and on customers’ premises in order to develop brand new concepts and manufacturing methods for tissue and hygiene products. The refinement and use of existing measurement systems will help the tissue industry gain greater understanding of how the processes and new products can be developed.

Mattias Drotz  is responsible for the area "Tissue products and processes" in the research program 2018-2020.


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