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Tomas Larsson appointed Adjunct Professor

Tomas Larsson, Senior Scientist in Cellulose science at RISE Bioeconomy, has been appointed Adjunct Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. His experience and profound expertise has over the years resulted in new knowledge and new insights in the area of cellulose structure. These merits, among other things, led to him being awarded the Ekman Medallion in 2017 by SPCI.

Tomas was also the initiator of RISE 2017 investing in a SAXS / WAXS equipment. With the new advanced measuring instrument, the possibilities of studying very small structures have increased significantly, regardless of whether it concerns liquids or solid materials. A major advantage is that measurement can be made on a native material without the need of chemical isolation. If you expose a material to an isolation procedure, there is always some uncertainty whether the result depends on the isolation itself. This means that measurement results from SAXS / WAXS become more direct. The instrument provide research with a new type of evidence that is of great value to accelerate development towards new biobased innovations.

Tomas believes that these basic studies, now further enhanced with the help of SAXS / WAXS, has been important for the appointment and looks forward to increased collaboration with the academy on cellulose characterization.

“I feel honoured and am proud of the assignment and would like to see that academic research will benefit from the infrastructure we have built. Having advanced instruments like our SAXS / WAXS close at hand saves a lot of time. And when measurements at synchrotron facilities are really needed, the lab equipment can act as a preparation to these.”

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