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The project "Next Period" is ready for the final

RISE Bioeconomy competes with the project "Next Period" (a Vinnova UDI project that has completed Step 1) in the Venture cups Sweden finale "Startup of the year". The finals will take place on 21 September in Lund. This spring, the "Next Period" won the regional final East in the "Impact Maker" branch.

The project shows and fights against the problems that many girls and women in the world experience every month - unable to go to school or work because they lack good feminine products. An important issue where RISE Bioeconomiy’s Helena Halonen sees that we can make a difference.

"The project also reminds us that the supply of human protection has looked the same for a very long time. From a research and development perspective, it is also a fun and developmental project where we, as material scientists, are put into a least cross-disciplinary project", she says.

The idea of human protection comes from Sibship Productions and it is Louise Berg from this company who will pitch the project at the final. From RISE Bioeconomy, it is primarily Helena Halonen and Hjalmar Granberg who pushed the project.

"It feels fun and excited to be in the final," says Helen Halonen.

Human protection is a biobased biodegradable human body that will last a whole school / work day. In addition to the winnings, a potential profit can give publicity to the project and hopefully new interesting contacts that can give the project even more success.

Do you want to know more?

Please contact us if you have an interest in this project. During the autumn, RISE Bioeconomy will build a strong consortium to further develop the project and proceed with an application to step 2 within Vinnova's "Challenging Innovation" program.

Have a look at this video (in Swedish)

Venture Cup is an ideal organization that organizes a national competition aimed at promoting entrepreneurship. They also arrange events, workshops and lectures in different cities all year round. The purpose is to connect people with ideas to experts and audiences, to ignite the creation of new companies and to strengthen Sweden's growth.

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