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The SustainComp research project is hailed as a success story by the EU

Published 20/02/2013
August 2012 saw the conclusion of the European SustainComp research project which has resulted in new composite materials based on renewable resources. These materials are serious contenders as sustainable alternatives to today's oil-based plastics. The successful project, which was coordinated by Mikael Ankerfors at Innventia, is now listed as a success story within its Seventh Framework Programme.

A number of demonstrators for material concepts were showcased at the final conference in June. Further development towards actual products is already under way for two of these; city bus seats and materials for musical instruments made from a new bio-composite. In these cases, nanocellulose, together with wood fibres, is used to reinforce bioplastics. The material can be produced using a paper machine and subsequently formed using regular process technology for plastics.

Coordinating or taking part as a partner in EU projects is important to Innventia as a research institute. It gives us an excellent overview of research at European level, increases our knowledge and know-how, and results in many new contacts with universities, university colleges, institutes and businesses.

"SustainComp is an example of a successful project in which several companies are working together towards a common goal," adds Torgny Persson, Director of Business Area Material Processes at Innventia.