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The Prize Committee has got a winner from RISE

Anita Teleman, researcher at RISE, is a former award winner of the Marcus Wallenberg Prize and has now been elected to the MWP Award Committee.

The Prize Committee consists of eight people, all of whom are experts in different fields of research in the field of forest industry. They will jointly submit a proposal to the Board on who will be awarded the annual Marcus Wallenberg Prize (MWP). Anita Teleman has now been elected to the Committee, fourteen years after she received the award herself.

"It feels very stimulating and fun of course. But being elected is also challenging because I should contribute by participating in evaluating all nominees and organizing the annual scientific symposium, she says.

The Prize Committee shall represent different areas of the forest industry's areas of interest, and Anita's area is within pulp and paper production. To get a candidate for the prize, they are looking at scientific height if research is groundbreaking and makes a significant contribution in the area. In addition, it is the task of the prize committee to ensure that relevant persons are nominated.

When the board approves the proposal from the Committee, an opportunity is given when awarders are announced and then there will be a prize giving and a symposium where the presentations are about the area in which the prize has been awarded. It is an international event where many people from the industry are invited.

"We want the prize to attract younger generations. This year there were 36 younger researchers at the symposium where they met other researchers in the field of forest industry. They also had to present their research. We in the prize committee gave them constructive feedback on their 3 minute presentation.

"I think it is important to pay attention to research and the groundbreaking efforts. It is encouraging and important to see that it is useful in the forest industry.

The purpose of the Marcus Wallenberg Prize is to recognize, encourage and stimulate groundbreaking scientific achievements, which will help to broaden knowledge and technological development in areas that are important for forestry and forestry.

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