The RISE institutes Innventia, SP and Swedish ICT have merged in order to become a stronger research and innovation partner for businesses and society.
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Research Council helps RISE choose the way forward

18 important members from trade and industry, academia and the public sector will guide the RISE research institute in its future research ventures. The newly-founded Research Council will have its first meeting at the start of June.

Pia Sandvik, RISE's CEO and President, is very pleased that the members of the Research Council have now been appointed and the Council can start its work. 

"This is an excellent way of securing the commitment and influence of trade and industry concerning the direction of our research and strategy. After all, the reason we exist is to strengthen trade and industry. We now have 18, highly-competent, guides to help us choose the right path into the future," she says. 

The members were appointed through a dialogue between RISE and trade and industry. The members will represent important sectors of trade and industry and also other important stakeholders, such as academia, the public sector and small and medium-sized companies. RISE's CEO and CTO also sit on the council.

"Long experience of trade and industry issues, research expertise and international experience were important factors in the appointments," says Jan Wäreby, RISE's Chairman of the Board.

The RISE Research Council comprises: 

Wictoria Bondesson, Expert Education and Research, LRF; Sofia Börjesson, Professor Innovation Management, Chalmers; Pontus de Laval, CTO, Saab; Saeid Esmaeilzadeh, Serendipity; Mats Fägerhag, CEO, CEVT; Pasi Kangas, VP and Head of R&D Sandvik; Per Kristensson, Professor, Service Research Center CTF, Karlstad University; Torbjörn Lundahl, Research Manager, Ericsson; Karsten Nielsen, VP and CTO, AAK; Margareta Ozolins, VP Operations, AstraZeneca; Michael Persson, Head of Innovation, AkzoNobel; Andreas Regnell, Strategy Director, Vattenfall; Tony Sandelius, New Business and Innovation manager, IKEA; Ola Schultz-Eklund, Senior Vice President Group Technology, Holmen; Eva Schelin, CEO, IQ Samhällsbyggnad; Agneta Wargsjö, Director Strategic Development, Swedish Transport Administration; Magnus Wikström, CTO, BillerudKorsnäs; Klas Wåhlberg, CEO, Association of Swedish Engineering Industries.

For more information, please contact Pia Sandvik, CEO RISE, tel +46 (0) 70-626 12 93, or Margaret McNamee, CTO RISE, tel +46 (0) 70-546 52 19

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