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RISE opens the door to MAX IV

Published 16/11/2017
With new syncron systems in Lund, MAX IV, and the ESS neutron plant, Swedish industry is given additional opportunities to lead the development of new sustainable materials, products and processes. As an innovation partner, RISE offers unique infrastructure, technology and excellence.

Photo: Perry Nordeng.
Photo: Perry Nordeng.

As part of contributing to a competitive business community and sustainable society, RISE invests its own funds to make MAX IV and ESS available to industry. First out, MAX IV, which in a powerful way complements RISE's existing infrastructure and will be an important part of the RISE test and demo offer.

"We now appoint a senior coordinator in Lund as well as three experts within imaging, dissemination and spectroscopy. The coordinator will have the main task of leading RISE cooperation with MAX IV and creating synergies between industry and public finances,"says Pernilla Walkenström, Senior Vice President RISE Bioscience and Materials division.

Current industries include agriculture and food, forest-based materials, pharmaceuticals, hygiene and cosmetics, composites and plastics, metals and ceramics, and more.

"With the broad instrument park and cutting edge expertise provided within RISE, we best complement the technology on MAX IV to maximize the customer's output from any industry," says Birgitta Sundblad, Senior Vice President RISE Bioeconomy.


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