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RISE employee will lead swedish standardization work in the field of pulp and paper

Fredrik Aldaeus from RISE has been appointed new chairman of the SIS Technical Committee for Standardization in Pulp and Paper.

"I look forward to contribute to standardized testing methods that will facilitate product control and facilitate trade in pulp and paper worldwide”, he says. 

The Pulp and Paper Committee meets the industry's need to influence standards from the international and European organizations for standardization, ISO and CEN. Fredrik Aldaeus observes the demand for standardization, especially in new areas. 

"Internationally, there is a lot happening in standardization for nanocellulose and paper recycling. I also believe that international standards for characterization of lignin will soon be relevant”. 

Another question that is high on the agenda is to upgrade the old Nordic SCAN test methods to ISO standards. Fredrik's earlier work on developing these methods will therefore come in handy. 

"We in the north have long experience of testing methods in the field of pulp and paper, and it would be a shame not to open up such a gold mine for the international industry".

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