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Pioneering optoelectronic papermaking among FPE special celebratory collection

An article presenting results of pilot trials at RISE pilot paper machine FEX have been selected by the scientific journal Flexible and Printed Electronics (FPE) as one of top seven articles published in 2016 regarding high-impact research and presentation.

The article titled “Photoconductive zinc oxide-composite paper by pilot paper machine manufacturing” involves carbon electrodes printed on paper to form complete electronic devices where the paper itself is the active material.

Hjalmar Granberg, researcher at RISE Bioeconomy explains: 

“The main components we used were paper pulp and a special variant of zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is most commonly used in sunscreen and biomedical applications. But here we used a different structure that can generate an electric signal.”

When paper containing zinc oxide is exposed to UV light, it becomes conductive. This means that the paper’s electronic properties are interactive and can be controlled using a UV lamp. The paper can then be integrated with electronics for various components, such as solar cells or sensors.

“Our vision was to manufacture a new multi-purpose material in a paper machine. A material that can be produced in large scale at a low cost to be used as an active component in electronic applications”, says Hjalmar.

The article can be downloaded from the IOPscience website.

Read more about the pilot trials at our blog, including a video from the manufacturing.

The work was carried out in a research collaboration involving Linköping University, RISE Bioeconomy and RISE Acreo. These organisations are now, together with KTH Royal Institute of Technology and ten companies, establishing a new competence centre supported by Vinnova – The Digital Cellulose Center (DCC).

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