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"Next Period" won the Game Changer category

The project "Next Period" won the Game Changer and was awarded with 50,000 kronor on the Venture Cup Sweden finals. "Our goal is to revolutionize and improve the lives of women around the globe," says RISE's Helena Halonen.

Women worldwide experience problems every month when they can not go to school or work because they lack good human protection. Next Period provides solutions to a sustainable product based primarily on forest-based raw materials. In developing countries, it is possible to spread and adapt solutions so that manufacturing can be based on local biora raw materials. The motivation for the profit was:

"The revolutionary solution of the team creates added value on several levels - for individuals, society and the environment. An important solution in a sub-prioritized area that is constantly up to date "

"It feels great fun that so many people cheering for us and understood the potential of the project. Our goal is to revolutionize the world and improve the lives of billions of women worldwide. There has been hard competition and now, afterwards, we understand how unique it was that the Next Period won in this. We could not tell in detail about the product or show any prototype for the jury, as many of the other competitors could, "says Helena Halonen.

The next step is an application for Vinnova UDI step 2. Project managers put together the consortium of actors along the value chain to take a prototype / pilot production and ensure that the product is functioning properly and meets all requirements. They will also develop production principles for future production.

The project is now looking for companies and actors who want to be involved and develop and later produce the new human protection. Both commodity manufacturers, machine manufacturers, converters as trademark owners. Next Period has a plan ahead for contact but it would be fun and interesting to see if there is someone they have not yet identified that want to participate in this fast-paced and joyful journey.

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