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New service: Proficiency testing för lignin samples

The greatest challenge to lignin trade and development is to prepare technical specifications for different lignin applications.

Development of a common language to describe lignin properties is something we feel strongly about at RISE Bioeconomy. To achieve this, it is essential that chemical analyses give the same results, regardless of who performs them.

Would you like to check how the results from your lab compare to those obtained by others? This will soon be possible, since we are broadening our service Proficiency Test for Chemical Analysis by adding a third round for lignin samples. 

The upcoming proficiency test will include the following parameters:
Lignin content
Carbohydrate content
Ash content
Metals (incl. sulphur)
Glass transition temperature (Tg)
Phenolic hydroxyl groups

Now it is possible to sign up for the proficiency testing. Samples will be sent out during spring. 

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