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New corrugated standard benefits many

Now is a new standard for machine packing with corrugated board here. The project “Up-date SUW standard” has been working on this for two years and it will make life easier for the partners in the corrugated board value chain.

"The old standard was very used in the industry, particularly in Sweden and Norway, but also elsewhere abroad. We were sure that there really was a need for a new standard", says the project's chairman Lars Eriksson at Stora Enso Packaging Solutions in Jönköping.

Through discussions among members of SUW and the corrugated users and machine suppliers, the new standard was created with the relevant metrics, current tolerances and measurement methods. The new standard will take everything from humidity and thickness of the unevenness, air permeability and the handling and storage of cardboard into account. Lars Eriksson is pleased with the outcome of the group's work, which he describes as a solid.

"It’s the relationships with our customers that are most important", he notes.

Astrid Odeberg Glasenapp, the RISE division Bioeconomy, led the project and is also secretary of the Industry Grouping SUW. She believes that the project is a good example of how cooperation between research institutes and industry will lead to concrete benefits.

"Through design of a relevant industry standard, we have succeeded in achieving improved communication and efficiency in the corrugated cardboard value chain", she says.

This is SUW

SUW - The International Development Group for Corrugated Board was formed in 1968 to support and fund R & D in corrugated area in Sweden. SUW was an abbreviation of the Swedish Development Group for Corrugated. The group has expanded and are now international. Members come from paper, corrugated board, glue and machine manufacturing industry.

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