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Marco Lucisano new head of RISE Bioeconomy

RISE appoints Marco Lucisano as new head of the division Bioeconomy. Marco Lucisano will take office on August 1, 2018.

In the future circular bioeconomy, forest-based renewable products can replace many of today's fossil-based. RISE is an important player in this direction through the division Bioeconomy. Our role as an innovation partner spans from regional to international cooperation to solve the industry's current and future challenges.

The Bioeconomy division works across the entire chain from raw materials to finished bio-based materials, chemicals and fuels. The division's pilot plants and other test beds play an important role in scaling up processes to produce these.

Marco Lucisano was born in 1973 in Italy, holds a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering and a PhD from KTH Royal Institute of Technology with the dissertation "On Heat and Paper: From Hot Pressing to Impulse Technology" in 2002. Marco Lucisano has been working in the research institute sector since 2004 and comes from a position as Vice President, Papermaking & Packaging at RISE.

"It will be a lot of fun to continue developing with colleagues at RISE Bioeconomy. I am convinced that RISE, with our strong network of industry and academia, is one of the most exciting innovation environments in the transition to a circular biobased economy" says Marco Lucisano.

"I am very happy to appoint Marco Lucisano as Head of the RISE Bioeconomy division. Marco Lucisano has a long experience in the research institute sector, has successfully conducted major research projects and demonstrated how trend analysis and global outlook can be used to drive business” says RISE CEO Pia Sandvik.

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