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International interest in LignoCity and mobile demo plant

On Tuesday, 28 March, begins the Nordic Wood Biorefinery Conference, NWBC. As early as today, RISE invites to the see some of our test beds aimed to accelerate the innovation process.

On Monday, about 60 international guests are visiting LignoCity at Nordic Paper mill in Bäckhammar. They want to learn more about how the test bed works in practice, and will during the day, among other things, meet representatives from the companies that currently use the test bed successfully. LignoCity is an open testbed where companies are developing and scaling up technologies that refine lignin to new climate-friendly fuels, chemicals and materials. The test bed is a collaboration between RISE, Nordic Paper and Paper Province with the aim of stimulating the development of a forest-based bioeconomy. For RISE, the test bed has, among other things, played a major role in research on lignin-based carbon fibres and the project LignoJet on bio-based jet fuels.

Contact: Per Tomani

Prior to NWBC, RISE holds an open house in Stockholm (at Innventia) where one of the main attractions is the mobile demo plant. One of the pink containers is now lined up here to demonstrate the new resources for on-site test and verification of microfibrillar cellulose (MFC) production. The facility has been developed in a collaboration between RISE and BillerudKorsnäs with a financial support from Vinnova.

Contact: Eva Ålander

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