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Increased amount of material can reduce food waste

The 31th of May, the results of the project "Packaging system for reduced food waste" were summarized. The aim of the project was to identify amounts and causes of waste across the entire value chain and develop new innovative packaging solutions that could reduce the waste.

In the project, new packaging solutions have been developed for three different products. But when there is a bit left for the market, the solutions for two products are still secret. The solution for salad has been publicly presented. In a consumer survey, the participating companies and researchers learned what consumers liked about the new salad packaging

- The survey shows that consumers see the benefits of the new packaging bag. They have also raised other thoughts that we researchers have not thought of. For example, it will be easier to bring the salad to the job because the packaging is much smaller than the existing one, "says Alexander Trkulja from Pacsystem.

Ann Lorentzon, project manager, thinks that the project's participants have been purposeful and conducted good discussions throughout the journey.

"The conclusion and next challenge is to communicate to the consumer that the new packaging is food waste-reduced. We want to continue working on the next project step we write, says Ann Lorentzon.

She continues and explains that the new pouches make it possible to reduce food waste, while it means more material per serving of lettuce.

What does Axfood think about the result?

"Given that the new packaging requires more material, it would be more expensive which is a challenge, but if we can see this as an" environmental project ", such a pack would be a way of showing the ambitious sustainability goals we actually have at Axfood and show how much we care. Such a solution looks a bit odd and which means more material will require a lot of communication to the consumer. The question is what and how to go out with the information in the best way? It's a challenge, but I think it's very fun, "says Lisa Säfwenberg, packaging developer, Axfood.

In the future, researchers also want to focus on measuring the impact of food science to a greater extent, which may determine how much a particular product affects the food business.

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