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First version of the next research programme

Today we launch the first proposal of The Bioeconomy Research Programme 2018–2020. The proposal consists of a number of programme areas containing a variety of research topics, spanning from the structure of cellulose to the development of a digitalization pilot.

The Bioeconomy Research Programme 2018–2020 has embarked on the first stage of its sustainability journey with both economic and environmental sustainability goals. Efficiency of renewable resources, production processes and renewable materials, chemicals and fuels constitute the solid foundation of the bioeconomy and will thus permeate the entire programme. 

“A circular economy is a sustainable economy, but it entails new societal needs and industrial challenges that we strive to meet in collaboration with like-minded partners,” says Fredrik Aldaeus who is leading the planning work.

It is a high priority in the Research Programme to demonstrate the manner in which the programme is a research-based accelerator for industrial transformation to the new bioeconomy. In other words, research efforts will be communicated and evaluated as e.g. prototypes and pilot runs with client benefit as a performance indicator

“The importance of demonstration was one of the main conclusions of our Global Outlook report A Cellulose-Based Society,” states Fredrik Aldaeus.

The programme consists of two parts: the “Precompetitive Research” (PCR) and the “Application Oriented Research” (AOR). The knowledge platform generated from the pre-competitive research can be used for new technical solutions and applications in one or several Application-Oriented Research (AOR) projects.

“An innovation with PCR that we believe will be well received is business intelligence. We have already included this in one area in the current programme, and it was greatly appreciated. During the next programme, it will feature in all the areas,” reveals Anders Pettersson, Chief Technology Officer at RISE Bioeconomy.

The next stage of the planning process is to evaluate the project concepts together with the companies, so that a final programme can be presented in the autumn. The Bioeconomy Research Programme 2018–2020 starts 1 January, 2018.

Fredrik Aldaeus and Anders Pettersson.

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